Hot Photo Shoot at Sachi Club, Long Beach

February 11, 2007

This is a video of a hot little photo shoot for Skinnie Magazine.  The photographer is Michael Vincent.  I bet these pictures came out beautifully!

Stripper of the Month – Savannah!

February 1, 2007

The Stripper Blog’s pick for February! Check her out at Emerson’s of Rock Hill near Charlotte, NC.

The Man Show – Strip Club Do’s and Dont’s

December 31, 2006

Double Your Pleasure… and Your Profits

October 31, 2006

A word about “doubles.”

A “double” is a term used in many clubs to define a lap dance with two girls at once. Generally, dancers team up on a guy and instead of selling him a song with one girl, they sell him a song with two girls. Of course, he has to pay each girl individually, so one song ends up costing twice as much. So, definitions out of the way, here are some observations about the practice of doubles in the clubs I’ve worked in.

I’ve noticed that when I’m considered new meat at a club, before the other girls realize I’m a veteran dancer, I’m approached by dancers and asked if I want to try for a double with them. The girls asking me are always the girls who I later hear complaining in the dressing room that they’re not doing well monetarily. I’ve deduced that these girls think that with their pluck and my “new girl” charm, they can piggy-back the night on me. When they realize that I’m not shy (I’m just quiet) and not gullible, and have been dancing for a little while, they stop asking.

Sometimes I’ll politely turn them down, and sometimes I’ll take them up on it. If I feel that a girl is trying to take advantage of me, I tell her I’d rather work on my own. Sometimes I also get the sensation that we won’t have the same style of flirting and talking, or that they’ll pressure men into dances more than I’m comfortable doing, and will turn them down in these situations as well. Otherwise, I see doubles as an excellent opportunity to upsell dances and make sure the customer empties his wallet.

Sometimes, the girls who approach me to do a “double” with them are just sweethearts who think I’m new and shy and want to help and make a buck in the process. Usually, I mesh very well with these girls and we end up cleaning house. The nice thing about doubles is that you can dance with the girl and pretend to kiss and touch each other, and the customer is satisfied without ever getting a real lap dance. Even if you only spend half the song dancing with another girl, that’s still only half of a song to pay any real attention to the customer. He, of course, gets the sensation that the song was too short, and ends up buying another double.

Lets say he had a paltry $100 to spend in the club, and a single song was $25. Two girls would clean him out with just 2 songs instead of the 4 songs he would have bought with one girl. Whether or not it will be beneficial financially depends on the ratio of dancers to customers in a club. If there’s only a few customers and too many girls (often the case in smaller clubs) its a good way for girls to share the wealth. Again, if theres a ton of customers and plenty of dancers, its an easy way to breeze through your night with company of a fellow girl. However, if there’s a lot of customers and too few dancers (normally, a small town problem) it would be better for dancers to split up and work the crowd seperately so that one guy isnt getting the attention of half the girls in the club.

Lastly, remember that its all about fantasy. Try to make it look real with the other girl, as though you’re really turned on. Men eat it up, and will throw every dollar they have at you to keep the fantasy alive. Just remember to try not to share too many bodily fluids with the other girl, even when kissing. Strip clubs are certainly no strangers to STDs.
Hopefully you’ll be able to recognize the good opportunities for doubles, and leap upon them. They really can be profitable if you have the right chemistry with another dancer and you know when its the right time. Just remember to keep your customer’s fantasy alive without ever letting another girl pressure you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. And, on that note, don’t ever pressure another girl who you feel would be easy to take advantage of to do a double with you. Good luck ladies… go get ’em!

Intermediate Pole Tricks

October 31, 2006

This is a short video of a who woman certainly has the technical aspects of pole dancing mastered. Its obviously a little bit tame for a strip club, but sexy nonetheless. I like this video because it shows how athletic pole dancers have to be. I’m glad that she didn’t do a lot of sexually suggestive moves because it helps demonstrate that pole dancing can be great exercise for those who want to try pole dancing but shy from the innuendos of it.

Caution: Men Have Hidden Cameras!

October 27, 2006

Girls, in this modern age of technology, what happens in the strip club does not necessarily always stay in the strip club. More and more, videos are showing up on websites like youtube and google video that are footage taken from somebody’s cell phone or small digital camera that they snuck into the club. I picked the following video as an example of this for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can’t see the girl’s face, so her privacy is pretty safe despite the fact that they announce that her dancer name is Casey. Second, she’s a beautiful dancer, so she wouldn’t need to be embarrassed anyways.

I just want you all to be careful about spotting hidden cameras on men. Many clubs don’t even allow cell phones for this very reason. If somebody is holding a cell phone up as though he’s recording somebody on stage, report it to the bouncer as a courtesy to the girl who is on stage (and, for that matter, as a courtesy to all of us). Be especially careful in the VIP or private dance rooms, where men are a little closer to the action. It is not right for you or any other girl to be video taped without her permission. Be safe and watchful!