Celebrity Women Talk About Their “First Times”

November 6, 2006

Just a reminder from The Stripper Blog to get out to the polls and vote tomorrow!

(Especially you, Nevada. We want “YES” to “Question 7!” )

Vote YES on Question 7!

October 26, 2006

This is a great video that explains what it would mean for Nevada if weed was legalized. Please take the time to watch it.

Weed Soon Legal in Las Vegas?

October 17, 2006

A CNN story today writes that legislation is currently considering legalizing weed in Las Vegas, Nevada! The Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana thinks that Nevada is the perfect place to test the market for legal marijuana shops! If the proposition (titled “Question 7”) passes on November 7th, Nevada will be the first state to allow adults to possess up to an ounce of pot in their homes. The pot will be sold at government-regulated marijuana shops. The legislation also imposes a $45-per-ounce excise tax, with some of the proceeds going toward the budget and alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse programs. Currently, buying weed on the street can cost $300 or more per ounce, depending on the quality. A 2002 study by researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, estimated taxing and regulating marijuana would generate $28.6 million in revenue. Something tells me this is low, but only time would tell. It looks like its going to be a close race. In September, a poll showed that 51% were opposed to Question 7, 42% were in favor, and 7% were undecided.

For the sake of Las Vegas’s strip-club industry, I hope the voters in Las Vegas pass Question 7. It would bring a large burst of tourism and business. Actually, thats an understatement. Legalizing weed in Vegas would bring a huge amount of attention to the area! People who don’t already vacation in Vegas would start to. Honestly, why do you think people go to Amsterdam? Nevada would see a huge increase in traffic, which I think would be great at bringing back value to its rapidly declining property values. I’ll stay tuned to what’s going on with Question 7 and report back.

In the meantime, feel free to leave me your comments about what you think passing Question 7 would mean for Las Vegas and for the strip club industry!