Doctor Gives Stripper Stolen Hand

Ew!  In Newark, New Jersy, a young doctor in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to stealing a hand from a cadaver when he was a medical student and giving it to a stripper. The prosecutor said the 26-year-old doctor was a first-year medical student when he befriended the exotic dancer. Authorities said she asked for a hand and he came through. The hand was found in a jar on the woman’s dresser. Friends said she called it “Freddy.”  This girl can not be right in the head!

The doctor’s attorney said his client meant no disrespect, and removed the hand from a fully-dissected cadaver at med school.

The lawyer said he had no idea what he did was illegal.

The only thing this leaves us to ask is has the world lost its mind?

10 Responses to Doctor Gives Stripper Stolen Hand

  1. That’s one crazy way to get around the “no touch” lapdance laws. Bloody brilliant!

  2. Egon Uhlen says:

    baaah its very unusal an its not the best ive read …

  3. RebeccaGFE says:

    OMG that’s made me feel rather sick. How did she end up bringing that up as a preposition? Geez :/

  4. ugh, this is really sick. Freddy the hand…

  5. I just can’t believe the story. There is really something wrong with the girl, quite a shocking story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Michelle says:

    Wow…that is very, very messed up!

  7. Sapphire says:

    I think she deserves a real big hand!

  8. Well that is just a bit bizarre. But I guess there are a lot of freaky fetishes out there that we will never understand. Or maybe she used it practice painting her nails.

  9. sex toys

    Doctor Gives Stripper Stolen Hand | The Stripper Blog

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