Novelty Shoes – The Stripper Blog’s Picks

We strippers know that every distinction between ourselves and the other girls working the room makes a difference to our very attentive customers. It didn’t take long to realize that men pay attention to every detail of my outfit when I dance, and they seem to be especially fascinated by the platform stripper shoes. “How do you walk so well in them?” they ask. “How can you possibly dance in those?” Men often ask to see them when I’m sitting at the table chatting them up. And, time after time, as I slowly stretched my leg up to rest on their chest (its actually a very sexy way to show off your shoes) I thought to myself, what is it about these shoes that gets so much attention? Is it a foot fetish? Is it their fascination with the graceful balance that only females accomplish? Well, whatever it is, we should be making it work for us.

So, on that note, here are this season’s novelty shoes that The Stripper Blog has uncovered. They are the kind that will draw real attention to your tiny tootsies from the men who are endlessly fascinated.

First up: Rubber Duckies! In shoes! I had to giggle when I saw these. These six inch platforms have blue liquid in the platform, with little rubber ducks that float on top of the liquid. They’re perfect for the girl who’s playing the sweet and innocent girl next door. They’ll make the custies chuckle, and they’ll make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of them in the mirror.

We also found a great new line of shoes that actually has a slot in the platform for customers to put their tips into. I can say from experience that these are amazing for a girl to have. You can take tips in these instead of in your g-string, and the men love it. They really do love watching their money disappear into your shoes! Also, its a great way to get away with not having to carry a purse.

The third product is one that I saw in person, but couldn’t find a photograph to properly represent how cool they look. These shoes light up every time you step, and draw tons of attention whether you’re working the floor or dancing. The image shows little yellow sparkles on them, but in reality they light up in many colors, and are absolutely stunning to watch a girl dance in. Its unfortunate that there’s not a decent picture.

All of these shoes can be found on The Stripper Blog’s favorite shoe source – . The best part, they offer free shipping for orders over $75!

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    some pretty cool data you have there thanks for it.

  2. Heh. Nice. Do you have a sense of wonder about my flexible friendship I have a nice joke. Who was Snow White’s brother? Egg White. Get the yolk?

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